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Out of the other bookmarks I liked this one the best.(even though it’s kinda rushed ugh) I wanted to put Hades and Persephone in a old noir? like setting~ . 3. (heavily inspired by J. C. Leyendecker wutwut~~)


… I suddenly want a shameless coffee shop AU where Short & Skinny!Steve is an art student barista and Peggy is a police cadet.

Steve in an apron being awkward and shy, writing "PEGGY" on cardboard coffee sleeves with a flourish, remembering her favourite drinks, drawing her…


More fun with photoshop. This time I wanted to see how Anthony Mackie’s Falcon from the Winter Soldier movie would look as Captain America. Of course I know that Falcon is only Captain America in the comics, so calm your tits MCU fanboys. I just wanted to see how awesome Anthony Mackie looks in the red white and blue. It took me an entire day to do this.

Edit: I just added a shield, since that’s obviously the most important thing about being Cap.



rumpleshtiltskin prompted: serial killer vs. detective AU

Oh my God. Now I want more. Excuse me, but I think serial killer!Belle is exactly what this fandom is missing.



I want this.

Oh I fucking want this.  Chel what the fuck did you dooooooo?

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True, that he's no Prince Charming -
but there's something in him that I simply didn't see.

dedicated to Mar

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How the Dalek became the Shippy Dalek.



And Darling… | Murdoch Mysteries | Dr Julia Ogden/William Murdoch

a mix for Julia and William throughout the years, from relationship to break-up to murdered husbands and back to relationship and so on. I will be really mad if they don’t get finally married in season 8.

01. SIA ⇨ Academia
02. TEGAN AND SARA ⇨ And darling
03. JONATHAN SILWIZYA ⇨ Heartlines
04. HANNAH TRIGWELL ⇨ Never gonna give you up
05. SMITH & BURROWS ⇨ Only you
06. BELL X1 ⇨ In every sunflower
08. THE HUNTS ⇨ Make this leap
09. SAM PALLADIO, CHALEY ROSE, JONATHAN JACKSON ⇨ I ain’t leavin’ without your love
10. THE BOY LEAST LIKELY TO ⇨ Be gentle with me
11. NATALIE HOLMES ⇨ Goodness gracious
12. MUMFORD & SONS ⇨ Lover of the light
13. MACKENZIE JOHNSON ⇨ I choose you
14. JOY WILLIAMS ⇨ What can I do (but to love you)

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Entry #14 for the Toronto Constabulary Station House 4 1902 Calendar









Actually, his lie to Pierce wasn’t too bad. Pierce could probably read right though it, but it wasn’t on the level of awful the Nat lie was. That one he did the very liarish thing of trying to look her in the eye while lying (people lying actually tend to do that more often…I guess it’s trying to convince you they’re telling the truth). And his face couldn’t look more guilty if he tried.

he didn’t lie to Pierce at all, he said the “exact” truth, Fury’s last words? they were indeed his last words, he just framed them in a way that just has enough truth to them that Steve (being someone who’s bad at coming up with lies) could reliably say them without stumbling over the words, he bent the truth just enough that he could tell it, and omitted information (the flashdrive) rather than an outright lie

Which is why he is far more believable when talking to Pierce. It was omission rather than trying to come up with something, something he seems to have realized he needed to do by the time he got to Pierce.

so Steve remembered old fairy tales (especially the pre-tolkien era fairies that existed more prevalently in Steve’s day) and decide since he lies worse than fairies, he might as well take a page out of their book?

In other news, the Black Widow taught Steve how to lie

Exactly. The best lie has the truth in it. Pierce questions Steve after he’s had a bit to think about his answer. I don’t think Pierce buys it for a minute because it’s hard to out con a con, but it’s not because Steve is transparent there.

personally I cannot get over how good Pierce’s acting was in here. For someone not familiar with the actor’s previous works, I couldn’t tell he was the bad guy, at this point in the movie, I was still thinking he was some random person they stuck in here to make SHIELD look more rounded (this is after I had some spoilers from Tumblr, mind you). But when he says “someone killed my friend, and I intend to find out why”, I was really rooting for this guy. Yeah, you go old secretary dude, I thought he was going to be some reasonable authority figure like Colonel Jones (a bit grumpy and doesn’t like Steve’s methods, but will back him up in a pinch), I did not expect him to be the guy torturing Bucky and spreading lies and ordered the hit in the first place.

and i think it went beyond me, I think cap here couldn’t tell if he could trust Pierce or not either. At this point, Steve has no information whatsoever, and while SHIELD hasn’t started hunting him down yet, if was pretty clear Fury’s death was an inside job. At the same time, Steve also lost a bit of the trust he had in Fury over the last few days (over Insight, and over bugging his apartment).

The whole movie is excellently made to reference Cold War spy thrillers. Robert Redford (Pierce) was the star of a very famous Cold War spy thriller called Three Days of the Condor which is about a CIA researcher who finds his co-workers dead and spends the movie trying to figure out who did it and who he can trust (since it had to be some sort of inside job). Redford was hired specifically because the directors wanted to reference that role. But yeah, the plotting and way the movie was done was VERY reminiscent of Cold War thrillers. It’s why I thought the movie itself as a stand alone, not even involving Marvel, was pretty brilliant on its own.

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